On Thursday March 5th, to celebrate World Book Day, Rob Eastaway, Zeeman Medal winner for the promotion of Mathematics and author of books on Mathematics such as ‘Why Do Buses Come In Threes?’ and ‘Maths On The Back Of An Envelope’, came into the Academy to present to our year 10 students on the Mathematics behind games.

This interactive experience taught pupils about chance, fairness, strategy and how Mathematics is hidden behind everything that we do.

We were very proud of our students, many of whom volunteered to come down to the front and take part in games such as ‘Play Your Cards Right’.

Rob, who was brought up not far from Winsford, left the Academy very impressed with how the students composed themselves, as well as the discussions and insight the students brought.

We are very happy to receive such a distinguished guest here at the Academy and give our thanks to the students and teachers involved.