At Winsford Academy we believe that the role of the Form Tutor is instrumental in the development of students throughout their school career.

A Form Tutors role is central in both caring for pupils and, crucially, monitoring their progress both academically and socially; encouraging success, aspiration, participation and the highest possible standards of work and behaviour. The Form Tutor should be active in the care, guidance and support of the ‘whole child’.


A Form Tutor should:

  • Be a positive example for the pupils.
  • Set the ‘tone’ everyday, by creating a positive ethos, establishing good pupil/teacher and pupil/pupil relationships, encouraging a good form group spirit and identity aligned to the schools own values and based on success, aspiration and learning together.
  • Encourage high standards of work, behaviour and uniform and liaise with the Heads of House over concerns.
  • Reward achievements positively and implement, where necessary, appropriate sanctions.
  • Monitor and review each pupil’s progress and set up a dialogue around improvement.
  • Ensure there is a seating plan and a copy is displayed on the notice boards.
  • Ensure that the form group attends assemblies punctually. Actively supervise students during assemblies
  • Monitor and intervene in the effective use of the Homework diaries. Form Tutors must look at and sign them every week and act upon any issues that may arise
  • Be aware of each pupils’; academic progress and social development, friendship patterns, family structures, leisure interests, contents of their school records, change in family circumstances, problems at home/school and relationships with other students and staff.
  • Try to be aware of social and personal factors both inside and outside of school relevant to the pupil and that may impede their progress. Consult with Head of Year and take necessary action as required.
  • Follow through concerns and issues about learning and their effort with subject areas, teachers and parents after consultation with the Head of Year.
  • Keep parents fully updated regarding pupils’ progress, including curriculum related and/or behaviour concerns.
  • Know all members of the form group and be able to write individual profiles for each pupil if required.
  • Distribute letters and provide notices, keeping notice boards updated with key and current information. Discard old notices as they become obsolete and outdated.Promote attendance and instill in pupils the importance of regular and punctual attendance. Maintain and monitor the official records of attendance and punctuality. Ensure notes are received concerning any absence and that any absence of more than 3 days is checked with the Attendance Officers. Coaches should alert the Heads of Year and/or Attendance officers to any suspicious patterns of absence.
  • Ensure relevant school policies, Health & Safety rules, Codes of Conduct and Fire Drill procedures are explained and upheld.