Report by Eve Harrison and Robert Brough (Science Hot Scholars)

Last Saturday, a group of students from Year 10 visited Monkey Forest to see and learn about the Barbary Macaques of Morocco and Algeria.

Accompanied by Mr Vanezis and Miss Ball, we spent the day watching the monkeys feeding, playing, fighting and grooming each other within the 60 acre forest in Staffordshire.

At the start of the day, we entered the forest and observed the monkeys eating and playing whilst listening to a feeding talk from one of the forest’s rangers. The monkeys were happy to walk and play just a few feet away from us and even the newborn Macaques were nearby and ready for every photo opportunity.

During lunch, all of the students unwound on the playground near the picnic area.

The whole day was a gigantic success that inspired all the students to learn more about the Barbary Macaques and wildlife in general. We all owe Mr Vanezis a huge thank you for organising and supervising the trip, as well as Miss Ball for accompanying us. We hope that the Wildlife Club organise more events in the future as we enjoyed this one so much!