On Wednesday after school a group of Academy pupils attended a Strategic Youth Consultation in the secret bunker under Wyvern House in Winsford.

The bunker was the ‘secret’ headquarters for this area should there be an emergency such as nuclear explosion or severe terrorist attack. All emergency responses would be directed from this underground bunker. We weren’t sure what to expect when we got there but the first thing we noticed was that it smelt quite musty and was quite cold as we descended the steps. The doors were really thick and the bottom of the doorways had a step, just like in a submarine to define where the door closed to create a sealed off area.

After an initial exploration of the underground bunker, the sleeping area, communications rooms and escape tunnel, and an explanation of how it had its own communication system, a store of dried foods, its own water supply and generator, the pupils got to work on looking at issues of increasing participation in youth services and how they could make an impact on what is planned for young people in Winsford

The six pupils Jamie Hurst, Bradley Rowbotham, Chloe Donnelly, Ella O’Hare, Rhys Harrison and Charlie West are engaged in developing Youth provision and services throughout the Cheshire area. We were joined by Gill Potts, Pat Johnson and Ron Davies from Cheshire West and Cheshire, Andy Bantock from Cheshire Youth Service, Bob Barton as well as representatives from Catch 22.

Students then worked with Georgia from Catch22 to try to develop an outline for a ‘Missing from Home’ service for young people. Identifying what needs to happen before during and after young people go missing from home. What help and support they might need as well as how best to communicate to and with young people during such an emotional and traumatic time. The input from our young people will be put with other consultations to enable a clear plan to be developed for other young people at risk of being missing.

We have another meeting planned for later in the term in the bunker!

Report by Mrs J Trangham (Associate Assistant Principal)