“An integral part of raising the profile of sport at the Winsford Academy is the proactive use of Sports Captains and Hot Scholars”. Mr Hunt (Director for Sport & PE)

As we approach the end of the current academic year and plan for the 2015-16 season, the PE Directorate are looking to further raise the profile of sport at the academy and the within the local community. An integral part of raising the profile of sport is the proactive use of Sports Captains and Hot Scholars.

Sports Captains are ambassadors for the PE Directorate and are role models across the school, both in and out of their lessons. They are key in promoting and inspiring students to engage in sport at the academy. The main roles of the Sports Captains and their assistants is to;

  • Assist in the delivery of lunch time and after school clubs
  • Advertise and promote the clubs to increase participation
  • Ensure all students are aware of sporting fixtures across the school
  • Use social media platforms to ensure all students are aware of what is happening in PE and how to get involved
  • Regularly update their own notice board highlighting activities and opportunities available to all students at the academy.
  • Conduct research surveys and investigate the levels of satisfaction in PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs

In order to strengthen our vision, the PE team have extended the number of hot scholars within the department. The ‘Hot Scholar’ initiative was launched early this year seeing students from across the school being used to assist directorates the in delivery of the curriculum.

The Selection Process

The PE team debated for many hours over potential suitors to the vacant positions left by the departing team who did a sterling job last year. Each member of the PE directorate nominated students they believed had worked tremendously hard across the academic year both in and out of lessons, on and off the sports field and displayed the correct ethos we are looking for in terms of being exceptional role models for students across the school and our local community.

The PE team agreed that this year due to the high number of quality nominations made, that the sports captain team should grow in order to accommodate a sports captain, a vice captain and two assistant captains, for both genders. In addition to this we felt that the work the sports captains do could be duly supported by a team of young hot scholars.

We are pleased to announce that the following students have achieved the status of Sport Captain, Vice Captain and Assistant Captain.

Top left to right: Emily Oakes, Sport Captain; Owen Wynne, Sport Captain; Michael Campbell, Vice Captain and Charlotte Hopley, Vice Captain.

emily owen-wynne michael untitled10

Congratulation also to Assistant Sport Captains, Liam Hickey, Ethan Pressland, Caitlin Slatford and Madison Whitworth.

And more congratulations to the following Year 8 students who have gained the status of becoming hot scholars for the PE directorate. Their roles will be to support the Sports Captains in their duties and assist in the delivery of leadership events across the academic year.

  • Robert Ayliffe
  • Amy Brough
  • Christopher Wynne
  • Lily McKenna
  • Oliver Hall
  • Jodie Cocker
  • Peter Bennion
  • Charlotte Wynne
  • Jack Andrew
  • Nicole Bishop

Well done all for reaping the rewards of your tremendous commitment to school sport.