We celebrated Roald Dahl day in the Library this year with some special centenary celebrations. Forty five students took part in three competitions at lunchtime and enjoyed sharing their memories of their favourite Roald Dahl books and getting creative!

Well done to Melissa in year 7, winner of the What’s in Mr Twit’s Beard competition with her truly disgusting Mr Twit’s beard full of flies, a rabbit’s head, a mouldy chicken leg and a mouldy eaten apple. Well done to Angel in year 7 for her Heaven magic chocolate bar, ‘Tastes like dairy milk chocolate and it’s a love heart because it makes people fall in love! The Angel at the top will make you fall in love.’ And finally well done to Sophie also in year 7 for her Dream Jar which showed Sophie jumping on a marshmallow.

Melissa wins a copy of The BFG, Angel a large bar of chocolate complete with golden ticket and Sophie a pack of Roald Dahl Top Trumps. Prizes will be awarded in the next year 7 Assembly.

Well done to all those who took part!