The focus of assemblies this week is Road Safety. The darker evenings and mornings often give rise to a peak in road traffic accidents during this time of year. Busy motorists, minds on Christmas preparations and excited children discussing presents and parties can often lead to delayed reactions from both sides.

To bring it to the attention of our pupils to keep them safe we are joined by PC Fletcher this week to look at some of the facts and figures around road accidents and ways in which we can keep ourselves safer.

Thinking about how easily you can be seen as a pedestrian by other road users is any easy one. Try to wear reflective clothing or have one lighter piece of clothing on. Wearing cycle helmets when on your bike and not skipping in and out of cars is another.  Not having both earbuds in when walking home so you can hear the traffic around you and try not to text when walking too are all good pieces of advice discussed by PC Fletcher.

If you would like any further advice please contact the Academy or get in touch with your neighbourhood PCSO’s.