It has been a fabulous evening at the Academy tonight. We welcomed 160 very talented pupils from all of the Primary schools across the town to take part in a Spelling Bee and a cookery competition. In the spelling Bee pupils demonstrated their ability to spell words from the KS3 spelling lists and in the Cookery competition they made perfect pizzas and brilliant bolognese. We have been so impressed by the skills pupils have demonstrated and look forward to them joining us in the next few years.

Spelling Bee Winners
Y3 – Overhall Primary School
Y4 – Winsford High Street
Y5 – St Josephs Catholic Primary School
Y6 – Willow Wood Primary School

Cookery Challenge Winners
Y3 – St Josephs Catholic Primary School
Y4 – Darnhall Primary School
Y5 – Grange Primary School
Y6 – Grange Primary School

Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part