On Friday 3rd July, our current Year 10 prefects underwent an extensive day of training as part of the academy’s commitment to developing leadership and employability skills. The afternoon was focused on enabling students to think about how they can work effectively as senior prefects next year. The students were overwhelming in their motivation to get involved in a range of activities such as charity fundraising, peer mentoring, buddying, sports leadership and 1-1 reading.

Students took part in a range of team building and confidence exercises.

Afterward the students said they had enjoyed:

“Working with different people, learning more about myself, working with my team, learning what activities I can take part in.”

“Not being judged. You could be free to do what you want to do.”

“The interactive style of activities, the easy nature of the learning, group activities and developing non-verbal communications.”

Self review and reflection was an integral part of the course and pupils said:

“I have more confidence than I thought.”

“I now understand what leadership opportunities are available to me.”

“I have grown in confidence.”

“I am inspired to do well in and out of school.”

Mrs Tringham is looking forward to working with this inspirational group next year!