We are particularly proud of the appearance of our students.

Our philosophy is that an emphasis on smart appearance feeds in to good behaviour and good behaviour underpins effective learning. Our spirit of constructive, positive competition is reflected in our uniform. In addition to black blazer, trousers or skirt our students’ ties indicate the Academy House they belong to.

Uniform sets a high standard of appearance, creates easy distinction and saves parents from the cost of indulging fashion-conscious sons and daughters.  Indeed, extremes of fashion are not suitable for, and are often unsafe, in school.

All students must wear full Academy uniform properly on the way to and on the way home from the Academy.

Uniform can be purchased from Julie Clare, Winsford Market.  Ties can be purchased from the Academy.

We are also pleased to offer parents the facility to order school uniform via our online uniform shop!

Our online uniform shop can be accessed by clicking here


  • Academy Blazer
  • Academy clip-on tie (attached to top button)
  • White Collared Shirt
  • Black Academy Style Pleated Knee Length Skirt
  • Black trousers (boys or girls)
  • All black shoes/pumps (no markings)
  • Plain Black Tights (girls)
  • Black socks (boys)
  • Plain Black V Neck Jumper (optional – worn under blazer)
  • Plain Black Cardigan (optional – worn under blazer)
  • Black School Belts (optional)
  • Make-up (KS4 only)
  • Watches
  • Stud Ear Rings
  • Natural Hair Colouring
  • Moulded football boots or astro trainers are required to use the 3G pitch (boys and girls)


  • Hoodies /Tracksuit Tops
  • Grey (or other coloured) cardigans
  • Long Cardigans (hanging below Blazer)
  • Round Neck Jumpers
  • Skinny trousers, tapered or jeans
  • Short Skirts above knee
  • White (or other coloured) socks
  • Trainers with coloured / motifs or stripes
  • Any footwear which is not all black
  • Coloured belts
  • All coats /scarves/hats in school
  • Make-up (KS3 girls)
  • Bangles, beads and other accessories
  • Hoop earrings (and all other variations)
  • Visible iPods/Mobile Phones/Headphones
  • All Facial Piercings
  • Unnatural Hair Colouring (e.g. purple)
  • Tramlines

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