There are four Houses:

  • Britten
  • Elgar
  • Purcell
  • Sullivan

Depending on what House a students is in determines the colour of their tie and blazer trim for prefects. Britten are recognised in blue; Elgar green; Purcell red; and Sullivan yellow.

Each House is structured vertically to include coaching groups from all years 7 to 13. Within each coaching group all pupils belong to the same House. Coaches are placed in the same House as their Coaching group. Teachers without coaching responsibilities will also belong to a House team.


The House system is key to both academic and social developments of pupils. The House system aims to:

  • Challenge all pupils to achieve their full academic potential and reward them for their progress.
  • Support pupils in offering them the right levels of care and guidance to be successful at school.
  • Guarantee the highest possible standards of behaviour and attendance.
  • Ensure active engagement and participation in House events, competitions and enrichment activities.


The Academy has set out the following objectives for the House teams:

  • To further improve pupils’ Behaviour for Learning by;
    • placing an emphasis on attendance in lessons, learning and progress
    • using Lesson Monitor data and other key indicators of under-performance such as behaviour and attendance records to intervene early, prevent stagnation and possible regression in their progress.
    • rigorously and consistently applying the Academy’s Behaviour and Consequences code.
    • further strengthening home school communication regarding progress, behaviour and attendance.
    • rewarding good learning behaviours and celebrating academic success and progress of individuals.
  • To meticulously monitor the progress of all students and intervene when any student is making less than expected progress to ensure appropriate action is taken to get them back on track.
  • To offer a range of personalised pastoral support services for pupils when they are needed
  • To provide a wide range of House events, enrichment activities and competitions that encourage and celebrate participation and success.