Homework is an integral part to learning. It helps to develop independent study skills as well as encouraging students to become used to working outside of the normal hours of school. This is very important for both examination preparation but also for getting used to the demands of professional career in the future.In the Years 7 and 8 your child should expect around the equivalent of 1 hour of homework each night. There will be periods when more homework is set and vice versa, so this should be considered an average.

In Years 9-11 your child should expect homework of between 1-2 hours in length though this will vary between subjects.

Here is a rough guide to our homework
setting policy in Years 7 and 8:

Subject (Curriculum area) *Approximate Length of homework (time) Frequency
English, Mathematics 30 minutes to 1 hour Weekly
Science 30 minutes to 1 hour Every 1-2 weeks
Geography, History, ICT, Languages 30-45 minutes Every 2-3 weeks
Food studies, Drama, Music, Art, RE. 30 minutes 1-2 times per half term

Here is a rough guide to our homework
setting policy in Years 9-11:

Subject (Curriculum Area) *Approximate Length of homework (time) Frequency
English, Mathematics, Science 1 hour Weekly
ICT 1 hour Every 1-2 weeks
Options 1 hour Weekly

You are encouraged to contact school and individual teachers where you feel that your child has not been set an adequate amount of homework.Student Planners will be monitored on a regular basis and it is important that parents check the Planner regularly and add a signature on weekly basis to indicate that the Planner has been seen.

Show My Homework is our new system for the setting of all homework. Parents have been supplied with a login as have all students. If you do not have a login, click on the show my homework icon below and you be able to find any homework. You should also contact school in order to obtain a new log in.

*Individual Departments may vary the amount, length and regularity of the homework. The above should be seen as a minimum