Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable March 2020

Exam Contingency Day 2020


To follow shortly


Students with written examinations will receive an individual personal exam timetable from their coach well in advance of the examination dates.

Students must attend on time and in full uniform to all exams. Please arrive 15 minutes before the examination is due to start and wait quietly outside the examination room. We will make sure you get your mark if this means you miss registration.

A full copy of the timetable will be on display on the Exam Noticeboard, which is located at the end of The Street opposite to the staff toilets, near The Theatre.

Seating plans will be on display on the Examination Noticeboard and outside the examination rooms.

If students miss an exam without good reason they will be charged .


If the Academy has to close due to emergency conditions such as extreme bad weather, arrangements will usually be made to allow external examinations to go ahead. Information will be available on the website: and messages will be relayed on the following radio stations:

  • Heart Radio
  • Signal Radio
  • Real Radio


If you have any problems (e.g. illness, injury, personal problems) during the examination period contact the school as soon as possible so that we can help or advise you. Examinations Manager:- Mrs Colclough 01606 592300 Ext. 417.

If you are too ill to attend an examination you will require a doctor’s note in order for us to ask the examination body for Special Consideration. This may mean you get a grade even though you have missed part of the examination.

If you miss an examination without providing a good reason you will be charged the cost of the full course, usually around £28 for a GCSE. (A doctor’s note must be produced in cases of illness). You may still get a grade if you have completed some of the course but it will not be what you are capable of achieving.

If the fire alarm goes off during the examination, follow the instructions of the invigilators. You must not communicate during this period.


Please note that you must collect your results and certificates in person. Results will not be given out over the phone. If you cannot attend you may send a representative with a note of permission to collect them on your behalf. Alternatively, at your own risk, results and certificates can be posted to you on provision of a large, stamped, self-addressed envelope.

For more information, questions or concerns regarding examinations at the Academy. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs K Colclough (Examinations Manager) on 01606 592300 or email at


  • No mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods or other electrical equipment are allowed on your person. Possession of them means your paper may be cancelled. If you must have these items in school they must be handed in to the invigilator.
  • Only see-through pencil cases are allowed.
  • Use only BLACK ink.
  • No tippex or highlighters are to be used on answer papers.
  • You may have a bottle of water as long as it is in a transparent bottle with the label removed.
  • School uniform must be worn.
  • Coats, bags, hats etc. must be placed where instructed by the invigilator.
  • Scarves, hats and gloves may not be worn.
  • There must be no talking from when you come into the room until you leave the room. Any disruption, attempted communication or cheating WILL be reported and you may have your paper cancelled.
  • Listen carefully to the invigilators instructions and do as they ask. If you need help, don’t shout out, put up your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to you