In 2014, the Academy achieved it’s highest attendance figure to date, putting it squarely in line with the national average. In four years, we have moved the combined attendance of our predecessor schools from 89.1% to 94.3% – an excellent improvement by anyone’s standards.

The reason why we put such a high premium on good attendance is, of course, simple. If you’re not in school, you cannot succeed, aspire or learn.

Good Attendance = High Achievement at School

Many Parents and students think that an attendance of 90% is acceptable.

So what does 90% attendance look like?

Students with 90% attendance are absent on average
 one half day every week!
 (4 lessons for morning sessions)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

90% attendance means that a pupil has missed the equivalent of four whole weeks of lessons in the school year.

If a student’s attendance is 90% continually throughout their time at school, over 5 year they will miss about one half of a school year!

Research suggests that 17 days missed from school equals FULL GCSE grade.

Ways to achieve good attendance

  • Avoid family holidays in term time (see term dates)
  • Avoid medical/dental appointments in school time (8.50am – 3.15pm)
  • Attend school on time (8.50am in the morning)
  • Get any absence authorised by asking your parent/carer to explain the reasons. Parents must phone the school (01606 592300‪ before 9am on the first day of absence
  • Send in a note to give to your Form Tutor

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