At Winsford Academy we want your child to get the most out of their reading – both for the fun of it, and because it will help with their lessons and exams across all subjects. And the best way to get better at reading is… to read!

  • Read about things that interest them.
  • Read books that are at the right level for them to enjoy.
  • Read every day – fit in at least 15 minutes, even on their busiest days.

Accelerated Reader, which is used by students across the country, will help your child to choose books which they can enjoy while improving their reading, and will check how well they’re doing after every book.

And as a bit of fun, we’re offering medals and prizes – Bronze, Silver, or Gold!

So, how does it work?

Our Accelerated Reader books are in the school library, grouped by reading level.

Your child’s teacher will give them a reading level which will point them to the right group of books for their ability. They can choose any book from that group that looks interesting to them – they’ll read better if they’re enjoying themselves!

After reading the book, they go online with Accelerated Reader to do a quiz which asks about its plot, characters, language and key themes. This will help check that they’ve got the most out of the book – and give a score which will tell you how well they’re doing.

You can check on your child’s progress in reading as our school home page has a Home Connect button which links straight to the Accelerated Reader website. This means you can see exactly what bools your child is reading and can see their progress.

To do well, they’ll need to make time to read at home as well as at school. Which is where you come in: by checking that they’re doing the reading homework set by their English teacher, and then encouraging them to read more. And talking to them about what they’ve read, what they thought about it, and what they’d like to read next.

The Accelerated Reader Homework set will depend on which year your child is in:-

  • 30-45 minutes each week in year 7;
  • 45 – 60 minutes each week in year 8;
  • At least 60 minutes each week in year 9, 10 and 11.

They’ll need to take at least 3 quizzes each half term. Please check that they’re keeping up, and that they’re entering the details of the books and quizzes in the Accelerated Reader Homework Log in their Planner.

If you want to know more about Accelerated Reader, or reading in general, speak to our school librarian, Ms Heaven, or to your child’s English teacher.

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