We celebrated National Libraries Day in the Library this year, by thinking about why we love the School Library. Students shared their thoughts on some pink hearts which will be used to decorate the Library. The top five highlights include:

I love my Library because… “I can do my homework on the laptops and I love the shape of the tables. I can chat to my friends and I’m with the best teachers ever!!!”

I love my Library because… “I can do my homework because it is a quiet environment and chat with my friends.”

I love my Library because… “the books are interesting and everybody here is kind and nice. Everybody respects the Library so it makes it more comfortable and all the teachers that learn in here are wonderful. Everything is clean and cosy.”

I love my Library because … “Mrs Heaven is really helpful. She is really kind. All of the books are labelled so I always know what I’m doing. I always look forward to Library lessons.”

I love my Library because… “you can go and do homework and take books home. I like it because there are competitions where you can win amazing prizes, I love the Library.”

One heart was drawn at random with the winner, winning £10 to spend on Amazon on books. Congratulations to Brooke in year 7 who has chosen ‘Diary of a wimpy kid: do it yourself’ by Jeff Kinney and ‘Zoella: Girl online’ by Zoe Suggs.