There have been many Engagements during my past Mayoral year, however very few have given me as much pleasure as attending Sir John Deane’s year 13 Awards Ceremony on May 10th one of my last few in office as Mayor.

You may ask why attending Sir John Deane’s was so special, well to hear 4 names mentioned that had been to Winsford Academy was outstanding. One of the recent names from the Academy is very familiar to a lot of students and tutors, Charles West. I was chatting to a tutor from the college before going into the awards ceremony and asked the lady if she knew Charles, an immediate smile came to her face and said “Charles, of course, what an excellent speaker and representative of the College”, of course I had a smile like a Cheshire Cat.

Once inside the theatre and the awards began I listened intently at the achievements of Year 13 and where they would be moving on to whether it be University or an Occupation, I must admit it was awe inspiring.

As I caught up with the many names in the programme, a light clicked on in the Mayoral Brain – under the heading of:

Business Studies: Highly Commended: Robert Brough (Winsford Academy). Robert will be going to Edge Hill to study Accounting.

Health & Social Care: – Special Vocation Prize: Dionne Hart (Winsford Academy). I believe will be going to study Midwifery.

The Governor Prize for Resilience & Drive: Highly Commended: Eve Harrison – who I believe will be going on to Glasgow University to study Neuro Science.

Each time one of the names came up I nudged the person next to me and said, “that’s our Academy”. I hope his arm was not too sore.

“As the Town Mayor at least until 21st May 2018 I was so proud to note our Winsford Academy being mentioned so positively 3 times at Sir John Deane’s 6th Form College Year 13 Awards Ceremony. It all goes to show that through hard work and endeavour, our scholars from Winsford Academy can aim as high as students from all over. Our Winsford Academy can never be known as second best, our students and tutors can compete with the rest!!

Did anyone applaud louder than I at the mention of our Academy, I don’t think so.
A very proud evening as the Town Mayor.