I had the pleasure of organising and taking 30 academy students to the Palace Theatre in Manchester on the 18th May to watch Mamma Mia. We left at lunchtime to watch this outstanding matinee performance.

The performance was inspiring for all Dance, Music and Drama students. I was proud of the way our students conducted themselves during the entire trip. For some students it was their first time watching a professional show and it was wonderful to experience this with them!  Towards the end of the show students were laughing, clapping and singing along to the ABBA songs.  A special thanks to Oliver Bancroft and Neil Everest for supporting the trip.

The Academy will be holding an ABBA showcase on Thursday 14th July 2016.

Ceri Bugg

Comments from students

“I loved the tubs of sweets! Our seats were very high and a bit scary! This was my first time in a theatre and I thought we were going to watch a film! It was so much better watching it live” Kelly  Year 7

 “I loved all of the funny parts! You feel like you are on holiday because it is set on a Greek Island” Lewis Year 7 

 “I liked the enthusiasm from all of the actors! I enjoyed watching the live musicians! The music was absolutely fantastic!” Sam Year 9

 “The actors were so professional and focused! Vocals were loud and clear and their energy and commitment to role was 100%. There were a number of comical moments during the acting and singing that kept us entertained.” Lauren Year 9

 “The performance was very strong throughout. The dancing was amazing! We had great seats- right in the centre!!” Lauren  Year 9

 “It was really energetic and fun! The seats were great!” Ella- Year 9