The school received £16,000 in order to set up a programme designed to support catch up in targeted year 7 students who joined the school below national average attainment in either English or Mathematics.

The school has decided to employ TA’s from an earlier period in the day (from 8.30am) in order to prepare materials in supporting an intervention programme running during coaching time.

On a carousel, Year 7 students receive additional tutoring during coaching time by specialist teachers. There is at least one extra TA working during this time in each group. Teacher focus upon those off track and not making expected progress. Diagnosis of need occurs through testing and bespoke programmes are developed to meet the needs of individual students.

The school has also invested in Renaissance Reading which is programme specific designed to track reading ages and target intervention based upon need.

In addition to this students in Year 7 receive an additional period of literacy and numeracy where their levels are low. This is built into the curriculum.