The ‘Pupil Premium’ has been introduced in an attempt to narrow the achievement gap between students from low income families and the rest of the cohort. Every school can choose to direct this funding in a manner that best suits their particular circumstances.

Our Approach

We have responded to this challenge by introducing the following initiatives in recent years:

  • The provision of a broader range of examination courses.
  • A significant commitment to off-site provision.
  • More flexible approaches to examination entries with students being redirected to alternative routes when their curriculum path is not yielding the expected outcomes
  • Significant enhancements to our approaches to tracking students so that achievement issues can be quickly identified and acted upon.
  • Closer tracking of the whole-school experience of students from low income families.
  • Small group tuition for students who are finding the curriculum difficult to access.
  • Alternative programmes at KS3 that are specifically designed to improve student engagement with school.
  • A significant expansion of our provision for students with pastoral issues.