Winsford Academy is committed to providing an ambitious curriculum that is broad, balanced, challenging and enriching. We have deliberately designed, and constantly review, our curriculum to meet the needs of all our students, in order to give every young person the opportunity to strive for personal excellence

Through our curriculum our intent is to develop a fully inclusive, positive, tolerant, respectful and caring school community in which all  groups of learners show a commitment to and engagement with  their learning  and are able to thrive in modern Britain as a consequence of the rich set of opportunities that are offered within and beyond the curriculum.

Through the journey of their curriculum, we want to create independent young adults, who appreciate diversity and are responsible, informed, empathetic 21st century learners who understand their place in the world and who are inspired to play a significant part in a changing world landscape.

We seek to ensure that the school’s implementation of the curriculum is exceptional through expert subject knowledge, teaching that leads pupils to embed knowledge fluently and demanding work that leads to cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.

We intend to provide a world-class education which enriches pupils’ ambition and love of learning and equips them with the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they need to access aspirational post-16 pathways and the responsibilities and experiences of later life and to create an ambitious and inclusive culture in which pupils and staff feel highly valued, respected, safe and motivated to achieve their aspirational goals.

Through wider curriculum opportunities, we ensure we go the extra mile to promote the personal development of pupils so that they have access to a rich set of experiences which are planned in a coherent way.

As a collective body, we are  driven to ensure every child who leaves Winsford Academy has the qualifications, skills, knowledge and character to access aspirational Post-16 opportunities and to make a positive contribution to the town, Britain and wider society. Our intent through our curriculum is to develop our young people to be reflective of their place in the world and the responsibilities they hold for the future generations and the community they live within.



Fallibroome Trust

Curriculum Intent Statement


We believe in the concept of ‘A Whole Education’.  This is defined as the combination of knowledge, skills and qualities our young people will need in order to thrive in the 21st Century.

Our schools will create the conditions for our students to have exposure to a rich and culturally relevant knowledge base that builds progressively through EYFS to KS5.  They will have opportunities to apply this knowledge in various guises from generic problem solving to specific subject based assessments and qualifications.

We will provide a rich diet of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for students to develop higher order thinking such as analysis and evaluation, building on skills of literacy, numeracy and oracy.

We are equally committed to creating opportunities for students to develop the five main elements of emotional intelligence and qualities of resilience, teamwork and leadership that will be significant in their journey through life. We believe that our extracurricular programmes in Sport, the Arts and Outdoor Education have a key role to play in this respect and will also act as vehicles for developing skills of creativity and problem solving.

We give high priority to the encouragement and development of positive student characteristics. Each school has developed their own language and processes to support these themes, but at the heart of this work lies the unifying expectation that we want all our students to learn the importance of working hard, doing their best, being supportive of one another and taking time to recognise the help they receive from others in our community.  By such means will our students be equipped to pursue their chosen careers and thrive in an uncertain world.

We are committed to the principle of cooperation and have built our Trust on a spirit of helpfulness and collaboration, sharing core values of Trust, Respect and Optimism, as defined by the Invitational Framework.

We will provide opportunities for our leaders, teachers and support staff to develop their professional practice and share what works well in our diverse family of schools.  Each school will design a curriculum that delivers this intent along-side evidence-based implementation strategies and a commitment to innovation.

The impact of this intent and implementation process will be measured by multiple metrics: student and staff voice and wellbeing, qualification benchmarks, destination data and, less easily defined, a culture that enables personal growth for all members of our community.

The Trust will provide Headteachers and Governors with resources and training and hold school leaders to account for delivering our shared belief that all children, no matter their starting point or background, can develop the knowledge skills and qualities that will enable them to lead a fulfilling life and make an active contribution to society.


Key Stage 4 Options

Courses offered at KS4

English  Language GCSE 9-1
English Literature GCSE 9-1
Maths  GCSE 9-1
Science – Combined Trilogy GCSE 9-1
Biology GCSE 9-1
Chemistry GCSE 9-1
Physics GCSE 9-1
Art & Design GCSE 9-1 Fine Art
Business Studies GCSE 9-1
BTEC Tech Award L1/L2 Enterprise
Computer Science GCSE 9-1
VCERT Graphic Design L2 Technical Award
BTEC Tech Award L1/L2 Digital Information Technology
Performing Arts (with a Dance approach) BTEC L1/2 Tech  Award
Drama GCSE 9-1
Film Studies GCSE 9-1
L1/L2 Award Hospitality & Catering Spec A
Geography GCSE 9-1
Health & Social Care (CNAT L1/2 Cert)
History GCSE 9-1
Music GCSE 9-1
Photography GCSE 9-1
RE L2 Project (A*-C – half GCSE)
Sports BTEC (L1/L2) First Award
Spanish GCSE 9-1
Travel & Tourism BTEC L1/2 Tech Award
BTEC Enterprise