Mrs Lea, Whole School Literacy & Numeracy Coordinator reports:

Students across Years 7, 8 and 9 are being put through their paces at the start of every Maths lesson for the next ten weeks, whilst we pilot an intervention programme to boost their mental strategies, times tables and key skills. We have invested time in a package called Numeracy Ninjas, which involves students completing 30 questions in booklets and reviewing their progress each lesson, in order to both build their confidence in Maths and aim for the coveted Numeracy Ninjas Black Belt.

As Whole School Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator, I had the pleasure of observing 8A4 this morning. I was wholly impressed with their composed entry into the classroom, complete focus and silence during the five minute drill … and their competitiveness was truly a sight to behold. Brilliant! Students marked their work with their green pen, thereby receiving instant feedback and could visibly track their progress on the Ninja spreadsheet projected onto the whiteboard. So many of the students were beaming as they saw their scores increase.

Mrs Porritt, Director of Maths reports similar with her Key Stage 3 classes: engaged, eager to learn, scoring consistently high enough to maintain their confidence but with enough scope to still improve their personal best each lesson. And a little healthy competition fosters a sense of wanting to improve – it’s a great motivational tool.

Many thanks to Mr Ducker and 8A4 for inviting me into their classroom and to the Maths Directorate for embracing this first numeracy initiative of the academic year. More updates to follow as we track the progress of colour-coded ninja belts and associated scores.