Please be conscious of the dangers of befriending people on sites that you do not know personally.

Remember that all profiles need to be secure and only accessible to people who you know personally.

There is a profile that is targeting young people by trawling the friends list of people who they have already gained access to.

The user of the profile is “LARAELIKKANAT” .

They (he or she) are clearly trawling the friends lists of people in a number of schools and colleges internationally and attempting to make “friends” with persons for further contact harassment. Cheshire Police are working with national and international partners to track down this user.

The Police have said “Other than an unhealthy interest in children and a potential for more serious offences there is no suggestion of anything other than nuisance behavior which is sexual in nature. It is important that all children are reminded about who they have as friends and the dangers of accepting friends without knowing who they are .
Unfortunately incidents of this nature are becoming increasingly common and there are too many individuals behaving in a similar way to “LARAELIKKANAT” through using social networks to prey on young people. Whilst no serious offences have been identified here should the male or female make similar requests to more vulnerable people we could be looking at more serious offences in the future.”

If any pupil or parent has concerns around this `user` or any similar `user` then report them by using the  `report abuse button` on the sites.

You can also report their concerns to any member of staff, Pc Matthews or Mrs Tringham, or phone 101.