In the lead up to the performance of ‘Hamlet’ by the students of the Winsford Academy at the Crewe lyceum, Monday saw the first full run through dress rehearsal in which gained quite the audience as performing arts students from Year 9 – 10 were invited for a first showing, which resulted in positive feedback and interest in the subject. At the end of the performance, the viewers asked many questions as well as gave positive feedback on possible improvements which proved to be both uplifting and benefiting to the cast.

Mrs. Bugg, ably assisted by Georgia Parkes-Russell spent their day dedicated to the students as they directed the performance themselves. Georgia Parkes-Russell volunteered to take aside the dance performers as well as Kieran Wilshaw to ‘mentor’ them and the improvements were outstanding! Onwards and upwards for the performance on Wednesday (17/11/2015) – Good luck to the entire cast! And await a vlog from the event by myself – Josh Graves.