Winsford Academy are celebrating the outstanding achievements of its year 11 pupils in the class of 2016. As an Academy, our focus is on the development of the young people within our care, their achievements and aspirations and in instilling in them the recognition that rewards come through hard work, ability and talent. We are keen to grow self-belief in our pupils and ensure that they recognise that whilst raw statistics are of course important, there is also the need to develop the whole person in order to be valuable citizens of the future for the Winsford community. The Academy is delighted that it has sustained its improvement in securing good rates of progress year on year, in order to continue being an asset to the community the school serves.

We are proud of the achievements of the class of 2016. Every pupil left school with a recognised qualification and the numbers achieving their personal best are very impressive. A record number of students achieved the top A/A* grades, with many students, including Dalton Duvall, Eve Harrison, Emily Cawley, Teece Patrick and Emily Wareing achieving 13 higher grade A* to C passes.

As an inclusive community, we are extremely proud that the vast majority of students achieved over three levels of progress during their time with the Academy. The average grade for all students at the Academy has increased to a grade C, the recognised national benchmark for good attainment.  Based on the new, key government indicators, referred to as average total progress 8 measure, Winsford Academy adds value to the final outcomes of all pupils attending our school. This was recognised by Ofsted in their recent ‘GOOD’ judgement. Early indications are that students, across 8 subjects, are making better progress than their peers nationally, with many subjects exceeding the national average for the higher grade passes of A* to C grades.

The continued progress over time, and the dedication and commitment of the staff and governors at the Academy is a true testament to the improving outlook of a proud school which continues to support its community effectively.