The arrangements for student mobility during break and lunchtime around the school is changing.

Presently, the students have been provided the opportunity to be inside during these times and this has demanded a level of independence and self-regulation by the students, who have conducted themselves well. However, the space does become overly congested during these times and a review of this arrangement has concluded that we would be able to improve our supervision of the students if they went outside at these times.

From Monday 14th September we will be asking all students to go outside during break and lunchtime.

The benefits of young people getting fresh air and sunlight during the day is well documented (see the links below). As the school strives to support healthy lifestyles we would like you to support our approach. Obviously in adverse weather the arrangements for a ‘wet break’ would allow students to remain in the main building.

For some pupils with specific medical needs they will be given the opportunity to regulate their access to outside and additional arrangements can be made, please contact Clare Kelly, SENCO, if you have concerns in this regard.

This change within school will run in tandem with a programme of extra-curricular activities and homework clubs. By becoming an active member and participant in these activities and clubs your child will have access to the main building during these times.

The catering arrangements are completely unaffected. Students will still access the two serveries for food and will be encouraged to sit at a table with their peers to eat their lunch or snack. Once they have finished their meal they will be asked to go outside to make room for other students waiting to sit and eat. All students will have access to toilets during beak and lunch.

If you have any concerns regarding our changing approach to break and lunch provision then please get in touch with me directly. Thank you for your continued support in keeping your child healthy and happy.

Mr Hicks, Vice Principal (Care, Support & Guidance)