Winsford academy now offer pupils in year 9 and above to be part of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

2019 brought us our first successful year of Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, it is an opportunity for our students to expand their skills, push themselves out of their comfort zone, become more confident and make a difference not only to their own life but to our community.  The bronze award comprises of four sections:

  • Volunteering
  • Skill
  • Physical
  • Expedition

Volunteering, skill and physical need to be completed for an hour a week and one needs to be carried out for 6 months and the remaining two for 3 months.

This year our bronze participants took part in practice expedition and then their qualifying expedition around the Beeston area, walking for approx. 30 km over the two days and being completely self-sufficient.  This is a huge achievement considering it was two of the hottest days pf the year and they were carrying 15kg and more on their backs. All students passed their expedition and gained not only camp craft skills but also broadened their horizons and built their confidence.  We are excited for our next bronze cohort and our first Silver cohort 2019-2020.



Quotes from pupils on the exhibition

DofE has positively affected me in so many ways, for example it has made me a more determined person and I am now better at working in teams. Not only that but I have also been taught life skills for example how to put up a tent and I have also become more skilful at cooking’ Luke H 2019


‘DofE has positively changed my life, built my teamwork and has made me more resilient and determined to keep going when things get tough. I loved camping and navigating. Although I found the walk challenging I am grateful that I completed it as now I feel like I can do anything! Because of DofE I now believe that GIVING UP IS POINTLESS!!’ Will R 2019