The Mathematics department are incredibly proud of their record breaking GCSE examination results in 2015.

  • 65.6% of students achieved an A*-C grade at GCSE
  • 67.9% of all students made 3 or more Levels of Progress
  • 23.1% of pupils made 4 or more levels of progress
  • 4.5 of pupils made 5 or more levels of progress

The Mathematics department utilises a vast bank of resources to both inspire learning and support students to achieve above their target grades. The department has exclusive use of a suite of laptops which it employs to encourage students to independently improve and consolidate their understanding as well as boost attainment. All classrooms have access to an interactive whiteboard allowing teachers to utilise digital copies of the textbooks as well as interactive tools such as MyMaths and MathsWatch VLE both of which are available to students during independent study time.

The mathematics department are committed and enthusiastic individuals, teaching engaging well planned lessons which allow all students to achieve. The team draws on expertise from across the curriculum allowing our students to see the real world value in a subject which at times can seem quite abstract. We aim to instil all students not only with a lasting love of number but a lifelong thirst for knowledge and problem solving. We have high aspirations for our students and challenge and stretch all learners in every lesson.


Mathematics is taught is a dedicated area of the Academy with two learning zones at the heart of the department. These dedicated zones can be utilised at breaks and lunchtimes to complete homework or independent targeted work. These spaces are also used for small group interventions with our KS3 and KS4 students who are not currently performing at target. We also offer focused and targeted opportunities to support students including those with Special Educational Needs utilising both TA and specialist intervention teachers. The department also utilises the coaching structure within the academy to deliver targeted intervention at both Key stages.


We take pride in being an active part of the academy community running many activities and clubs throughout the school year aimed at allowing students to work collaboratively across the key stages. The maths house challenge is one of the best attended challenges of the year the department also runs a very popular daily lunchtime homework club as well as a weekly games club were maths staff are teaching the art of strategy in the form of chess draughts and backgammon.

Ensuring that all students achieve the best possible GCSE grade at the end of year 11 is at the heart of the department in order to achieve this all students are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, targets and current attainment. After each assessment point students complete a Personal Learning Checklist (PLC) which allows them to identify areas for improvement and what is needed to make the next steps in order to achieve their targets. PLC’s are revisited throughout the year to inform intervention both in the lessons and during intervention time.

For further information regarding our Mathematics curriculum please contact:

Mrs Elizabeth Porritt