KS3 Curriculum Intent

 Food studies 

We want all pupils to be able to develop their knowledge and skills and working knowledge of food to ensure they are successful and healthy adults if they have any disadvantage this might prevent us meeting these aims.  We want pupils to develop a love of the subject which will lead them onto a healthy cooking ethos as adults leading to them making healthier choices and developing cooking skills which will become a livelong love – this to be passed down through the generations.  We want pupils to feel that they are welcome to experiment with food during lessons and within cook clubs so that they do not feel disadvantaged if they are unable to do this at home. We love to make food for special occasions and like to introduce the pupils to the fact that this is how many people celebrate special occasions both in our culture and in other cultures that they may not have experienced.  By ensuring we begin KS3 with an understanding that they may not have fully all gained the same knowledge at KS2 we are ensuring we start with an equal footing in knowledge of food regardless of starting points.