KS3 Curriculum Statement

The ‘golden thread’ that runs through the curriculum is that of people and society.

  • Our curriculum intent in English, at KS3, is to offer students a wide understanding of the literary world and enhance cultural capital through the study of prose, drama and poetry; to continually consolidate learning and to develop their knowledge that will feed into future study and an understanding of the world in which they live.
  • To help overcome disadvantage, texts and topics are chosen to appeal to the students within our community both through textual content and author. The key text for Year 7, Shadow of the Minotaur is written by a local author and links Greek mythology to the theme of Virtual reality (supporting boys with reading and an understanding of the world); the key text for Year 8 deals with children brought up outside of a traditional family unit as well as linking to the Gothic curriculum.  Key themes in both texts aim to promote responsible and empathetic viewpoints.   In Year 7 students also study drama through Shakespeare’s Henry V and the themes of both war and taking sides appeals to boys in particular (also relevant given the football focus in the Summer term); year 8 students study two drama texts, Kindertransport and Shakespeare’s The Tempest, again with the intent of promoting responsible and empathetic viewpoints and encouraging wider reading.