The English Department are particularly proud of their excellent GCSE examination results in 2015; despite there being a national trend of falling pass rates, in GCSE A* to C grades, the English Department continued its three-year-trend of enhanced levels of progress that exceed those of the national average.

  • 83.1% of English Literature students achieved an A* to C grade at GCSE
  • 27% of English Literature students achieved an A or A* grade
  • 80% of all English GCSE students achieved three-or-more levels of progress from KS2; this is significantly above the national average
  • 39% of all GCSE English students achieved four-or-more levels of progress from KS2; again, this is significantly above the national average
  • A record 8% of GCSE English students made five-or-more levels of progress from KS2
  • During the 2014-2015 academic year, in excess of 92% of English lessons, across all key stages, were graded as being Good and Outstanding

The English Department utilises a wealth of resources to both support learning and encourage pupils to achieve beyond their target grades. We have dedicated ‘banks’ of laptops, which can be used in lessons, for research purposes and for students to create a range of resources that supplement their learning, and for during after-school revision sessions that enhance and consolidate the learning experience; all classrooms have access to the very latest interactive resources that are used to support and enhance the teaching and learning experience. Our department also benefits from a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) and a team of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) who offer one-to- one and group tuition to support specific student needs; these invaluable members of the team also support students through enrichment opportunities and after-school clubs, which include developing handwriting skills and reading abilities.

The English team are committed, enthusiastic and, above all, teach engaging lessons that allow students to achieve. All of our teachers are subject specialists and benefit from having a wide range of experience and expertise. We hope to instil in our students not only a lasting love of literature and the spoken word but, also, a love of learning and to have inquisitive minds. We have high aspirations for our students and challenge and stretch all learners in every lesson.


English is taught in a dedicated area of the Academy, with the Social Learning Zone and Learning Steps at the heart of the department. These dedicated spaces are tightly-knit and engaging spaces that encourage group work, smaller withdrawal groups for intervention support and allow a space for larger presentations. Students benefit from a large range of ICT equipment to supplement the teaching and learning in the department and all classrooms are fully-equipped with the latest technology; interactive devices, tablets and visualizers are used frequently within English lessons.

We also offer focused and targeted opportunities to support students (including those with Special Educational Needs) and the department has its own dedicated Higher Level Teaching Assistant who supports and consolidates classroom teaching through the teaching of key literacy skills.