On Thursday, Academy pupils took part in the final Winsford wide Democracy Event.

We and the primary schools went to the Council Chambers in Wyvern House to deliver to local councillors our arguments to help improve Winsford:

  • Development of an entertainment / leisure/ retail park in Winsford.
  • Improvements to Youth Centres to include events such as discos, cookery classes and children’s gym.
  • Improved lighting/cleanliness of the subway with fire resistant mural boards and CCTV.
  • Use existing venue or venues in different areas of the town where children and young people can watch films without adults needing to be present school holidays and weekends.

Charlie West, Max Peacock, Spencer Burkhill and Lawrence Hall put forward the academy suggestions with passion and confidence.

Councillors were then invited to ask questions and comment on the proposals. The councillors said they were very impressed with the quality of the presentations shown by the pupils. They agreed to take the points forward to their next meeting in July to see how the issues and suggested solutions could be put into practice. The pupils have been promised a follow up visit from the Councillors in September.

There was also an emotional thank you and goodbye for Val Godfrey as she is retiring from her position after many years service to Winsford Education Partnership. She will be replaced by Maureen Sheridan. We look forward to working with Maureen in the future.