Consultation on changes to the school day

It has become increasingly obvious that our pupils struggle to maintain high standards of social interaction during the final ten minutes of lunchtime. It is also apparent that some children are not always getting the opportunity to finish their food earlier in the day at break time.

Canteen feedback is that morning break-time is too short and not all pupils are getting through but at lunchtime, pupils are through and finished by 1.15pm.

Rationale behind consultation

In order to allow students time to eat and level out their blood sugar levels throughout the day, and to promote the circumstances for pupils to be able to achieve their full potential, we would like to consult parents on their view to a change the school day from September 2017. This is part of a wider consultation through staff, pupils and governors.

Option 1: Remain the same
Option 2: 5 mins on to break and five minutes away from lunch (school starts at 8.30am, Break time length is 20 mins, Lunchtime is 35 mins, School finishes for students at 3.15pm)
Option 3: Lunchtime shortened by 10 mins, finish of school day shortened by 10 mins (school starts at 8.35am, Break time length is 15 mins, Lunchtime is 30 mins, school finishes for students at 3.05pm
Option 4: Lunchtime shortened by 10 mins, five minutes added to break (school starts at 8.30am, Break time length is 20 mins, Lunchtime is 30 mins, school finishes for students at 3.10pm)

Below is the consultation document (pdf and word version).  Would you please download the document and indicate your preference, add any comments you may wish and email the document back to  The deadline for this part of the consultation is Wednesday 5th July 2017.  If you are struggling to download the document, please email with your option choice and comments.