On the afternoon of Friday 20th September, Winsford Academy welcomed a visit from the Bishop of Uganda, Rev. Dr. Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga, and his wife Kellen. A group of thirty students met with them in the theatre. Upon their arrival, the students lined up so that each one of them could shake hands with the bishop and his wife. Hamlet gave a speech about his life story, the history of Uganda’s relationship with the UK, and its current situation with regard to the funding of education in his country. After Hamlet gave this speech, students relished the opportunity to ask him questions.

Following this, they moved to a more informal setting, the street, so they could speak to him individually. I overheard students enthusiastically and compassionately talking to Hamlet about how they would like to fundraise to pay for the education of individual children in Uganda. We presented Rev. Hamlet and Kellen with a pile of letters written by our students, to give to children of similar ages in Uganda, in hope it will create long-distance friendships. We also gave them a piece of photography, created by Ben Powell, entitled ‘God’s Beautiful Creation,’ and with writing ‘greetings from us all at The Winsford Academy.’

I first met Hamlet when I went to Uganda last year, on a church mission (with thirteen others). I worked in Nyakabungo Primary School for four days, teaching music. Despite having very little, the children I had the privilege of working with were such happy and inspiring human beings. Thanks to some generous donations, I was able to leave them with a brand new keyboard, a range of percussion instruments, recorders and ukuleles. You will hear them using these instruments in the video.