I am delighted to report that this year’s examination results at Winsford Academy have broken all records for progress and attainment previously achieved at the acdemy and its predecessor schools.

I am particularly proud of the outstanding performance of our English and maths departments. English and maths results at this academy are at or significantly above the national average with 69% and 65% of students achieving a grade C or above in English and maths respectively. Levels of progress in maths have reached national average and progress achieved in English, once again, significantly exceeds national expectations. Notable achievements in Additional Science, Art, Business Studies, Drama, English Literature, Geography, PE and Music have also been secured.

I am deeply proud of our Year 11 students who richly deserve these results. Throughout their time at the academy, they have applied themselves conscientiously and conducted themsleves with enduring kindness and good humour. They are well prepared for the next chapter in their lives.

This was the first cohort of students to spend the entirity of their secondary education at the academy. In our first five years as an academy we have transformed results.

Headline Measure 2010 2015 Difference
%5ACEM 33 46 +13%
%A*-C English 45 69 +24%
%A*-C Maths 45 65 +20%
% English 3 levels of progress 44 78 +34%
% English 4 levels of progress 10 36 +26%
% Maths 3 levels of progress 38 68 +30%
% Maths 4 levels of progress 9 23 +14%
% Attendance 88.9 94.3 +5.4%

Whilst acknowledging the progress and attainment made by all, the following students are recognised for their exceptionally high levels of achievement and personal success:

  • Georgia Bailey
  • Ellie Bampton
  • Brandon Buckley
  • Stephen Clarke
  • James Cotton
  • Jessica Davies
  • Danielle Donaldson
  • Chloe Donnelly
  • Lydia Ellis
  • Steven Eyres
  • Nathan Hardman
  • Lorna Hatton
  • Zak Hill
  • Kain James
  • Kaitlin Jenkins
  • Bradley Jones
  • Luke Jones
  • Niamh Kelly
  • Oliver Light
  • Mark McLaughlin
  • Lucy Metcalfe
  • Olivia Munro
  • Rebecca Munro
  • Morgan O’Hare
  • Connor Owen
  • Katie Parker
  • Wesley Parton
  • Louise Rawlinson
  • Ellis Rowland
  • Sophie Shepherd
  • Collette Toner
  • Rebecca Ward
  • Ellie Woodward

Finally, I pay tribute to our hardworking, talented staff, our committed governors and our sponsor, the Fallibroome Multi-Academy Trust. Last, but not least, I would thank the parents of all students who have achieved so much during their time with us. All the hard work, worry, nagging and support has paid off!

Winsford has a secondary school it can be rightly proud of.

Andrew Taylor-Edwards, Principal